How it all began

Music project WARSOBA was initially a duo, called AGATA, and was created in 2015 by Irena Kotvitskaya and Alexey Vorsoba in Minsk, Belarus. By virtue of an original authors’ approach, the pre-Christian texts and authentic dialects have gained a unique sound, when performed by the two musicians. The presentation of the project took place in August 2015 at XVI International Fest of Belarusian Identity «Trialoh», held in Krynki, Poland. In 2016 the musicians organized and took part in a new music festival «Belaruski Styl» («Беларускі Стыль») in Minsk. During the same year the duo began cooperating with VG Music Label (Music by VG in BMI publishers, USA), which handled the digital distribution of AGATA’s music. A bit later the musicians were invited by a tango-community to make a short journey round Sweden, during which they were revealing new sides of their music concept.

Eventually, the project transformed in a creative laboratory for talented Belarusian musicians. In September 2017 the following ones joined the duo: drummer Oleg Wojtulewicz, bass guitarist Elias Diagiel, guitarist (bouzouki) Andrzej Apanowicz; a special guest of the project is flautist Yahor Jejhalo (Indian bansuri flute).


Irena Kotvitskaya – vocals, ocarina, tambourine (like shamanic)

Alexey Vorsoba – accordion

Oleg Wojtulewicz – drums, percussion

Elias Diagiel – bass guitar, live looping, FX

Andrzej Apanowicz – guitar bouzouki, live looping, FX


Irena Kotvitskaya – folk-singer, composer, pianist, teacher, ethnomusicologist, author of music for performances. Diploma for contribution to the development of ethnic heritage of the border region Belarus-Poland (2013, Hrodna, Belarus). Stages: Moscow State Conservatory, Rachmaninov Hall; City Hall, Oslo, Norway; Belarusian State Philharmonic, the Great Hall, and others.

Alexey Vorsoba – composer, arranger, teacher, author of music for films, animation, commercials, spectacles, performances. Leader of the instrumental trio «Port Mone». A scholarship holder of «Gaude Polonia» Programme (2017), held by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Polish Republic.

Oleg Wojtulewicz – musician, percussionist, member of such bands as «Pukstband», «Serebrianaja Svadba» («Серебряная свадьба»), «True Litwin Beat». Since 2016 musician in a folk-modern band «Palats» («Палац»).

Elias Diagiel – musician, arranger of cultural events, founder of the on-line ticket realization service «Tamtam», member of such projects as «Afrococoa», «Sestrichkin Luch» («Сестричкин луч»), etc.

Andrzej Apanowiczmusician, multi-instrumentalist, founder of a solo-project «Triangle».


Ancient pre-Christian texts and authentic dialects are combined with modern European dance music. Acoustic framework for the vocals is created by the accordion, percussion, bass, bouzouki, sampling and live looping.


world music, pop folk, urban folk, ethno jazz, art folk